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Q - what is the "first burn"?

A - The first burn is the procedure followed when you use your TandooriQ for the first time.  It is good practice to do this as to dry out the any moisture in the clay due to storage and tranportation.  It is quite simple, all you have to do is insert approximately 2kg of charcoal in to the oven along with fire lighters.  Light the firelighters and allow the charcoal to completely burn out. Once you have done this the TandooriQ is primed and ready to use for cooking.  Our TandooriQ clay pots are the heaviest and thickest available, therefore they are the most durable.

Q - What happens if the pot cracks?

A - The pot will not crack but if the oven is dropped or rolled on its side, it may sustain damage.  Hairline cracks are natural however and can be repaired with the stick of clay provided.

q - What is the Tandooriq's heat source

A - Charcoal is used to heat the TandooriQ.  With charcoal you achieve a delicious authentic BBQ taste. 

Q - Can you burn wood?

A - No, only charcoal should be used as fuel. We advise you use charcoal briquettes as they retain heat for longer.

Q - Is the TandooriQ easy to light?

A - Yes but always use good firelighters.  When lighting the TandooriQ open the door to cause a draft, which will help.

Q - Can paraffin or petrol be used to speed up the lighting?

A - NO! Never use paraffin or petrol; you will be putting yourself and others in danger.

Q - How much and which type of charcoal does the TandooriQ use?

A - At least a 4 to 5 kg bag, any less and the oven will not get hot enough.   You can use lumpwood charcoal or briquettes, however we advise using charcoal briquettes as they retain heat for longer.  

Q - How long does the oven take to heat up?

A - Approx. 40- 60 minutes.  Depending on the quality of charcoal you use.

Q - How many people will a Domestic TandooriQ cook for?

A - You can easily cook for 10 - 15 people.  The TandooriQ is very easy to use, although the more you use your oven the more your skills will improve.  We have cooked for over 20 people with just 5kg of Charcoal by simply reloading with food and using a heat deflector that can be purchased from our stall.

Q - How long can you cook in the oven for?

A - For at least 2 hours or more with 5kg's of charcoal.  While you are reloading skewers, close the door and place the lid on the tandoor,  it will help to heat the clay pot and retain heat.  The cooking time can be greatly increased by using a heat deflector that is available to purchase in our store.

Q - Can the TandooriQ be used inside the house?

A - TandooriQ is for outdoor use only. 

Q - Does the side of the TandooriQ get hot?

A - Yes the sides do get hot, never touch the side of the TandooriQ without wearing protective gloves.

Q - Can the TandooriQ be moved once lit?

A - Yes it has 4 castors and can be pulled along by the handle. Always wear protective gloves. Never attempt to lift a lit oven by yourself.

Q - Will it fit in the boot of my car?

A - The TandooriQ will fit upright in most hatchbacks or upright on the back seat.

Q - Can it be left outside?

A - Yes but it must be covered with a breathable cover, available from our store.  We do however advise you store the oven in a dry place when not in use.

Q - Can the inside of the clay pot be cleaned with soap and water?

A - No never use liquid to clean the clay pot, it can damage the clay.  To clean the clay pot simply wipe with a dry clothe or brush.

Q - Can I use gas?

A - A burner can be used with a steel baffle plate and clay balls.  Always seek expert advice if using gas.