Hi, my name is James Tadman. I have had the pleasure of acquiring TandooriQ from Stash Huchrak.  Stash is a family friend and I have known him from a very young age. Stash Huchrak is a man passionate about Tandoor cooking. His passion for tandoori cooking was ignited years ago whilst travelling in India, witnessing locals using makeshift portable tandoori BBQ ovens on the beach. This is when the concept of the TandooriQ was born!

Upon Stash’s return to the UK it became immediately apparent to him that there was nothing available for the UK household to replicate that authentic outdoor tandoor experience he witnessed on the beach. After much research he came across a company in India that was selling large catering ovens that also had an oven listed called a “baby tandoor” which was knee high, on wheels and transportable. This looked like it could be suitable.

After receiving a Baby tandoor and immediately filling it with charcoal and firing it up, he prepared some marinated chicken and lamb and set about cooking on it for the first time. The results blew him away; it was a taste you just cannot get with a conventional BBQ.  This resulted in the birth of the TandooriQ.

Since that first shipment, which arrived in heavy wooden crates, Stash visited the supplier in India because the tandoor needed to be adapted for the British market.  Working together, in the factory with the artisan clay moulders, they created and designed the first ever portable home tandoori oven for the UK consumer market we have now.  Making the original TandooriQ the leading garden home tandoor in Europe and the world.

I intend to carry on the impeccable service and vision of the TandooriQ brand.  I have many new ideas that I wish to introduce, both as a service and as a product. I hope you can all join me on this exciting journey and I look forward to sharing the TandooriQ experience with you all in the future.

James Tadman
Owner of TandooriQ

“Hello, I am no longer importing TandooriQ ovens. The TandooriQ brand will continue with James Tadman. The Original TandooriQ a brand name that is already leading the way for all future tandoors. The good news is that James is as passionate about tandoori cooking as I am. I have the utmost confidence in James, he will continue to develop the TQ brand and add new products to the portfolio, whilst introducing fresh new ideas and maintaining the ethos of the TQ brand. James will ensure the quality of his ovens and the service he provides will be upheld to the same standard that I have had the pleasure of providing for all of you, for the past 11 most glorious years!”

“Thank you for all your support and carry on enjoying tandoori food, The Q way”!

Stash huchrack
Founder of TandooriQ