The Original Tandoori Portable Clay Oven BBQ

Get that unmistakeable authentic Tandoori taste with TandooriQ, the UK's original and best portable Tandoori clay oven.

Banish the BBQ this year and start an Anglo-Indian food revolution in your own back garden!

The Original Tandoori Portable Clay Oven BBQ

The TandooriQ is a handcrafted product made by skilled Artisans that have been making Tandoors in the region of Delhi, India for generations. It consists of a polished stainless steel housing that incases a clay Tandoor oven. These Tandoori Clay ovens are hand crafted with clay indicative to a specific region in Delhi.

The TandooriQ is fired using charcoal briquettes, which heat the clay oven to a very high temperature exceeding 400 degrees Celsius, making it much hotter than a conventional oven.

The traditional method of tandoori cooking is to place food onto a metal skewer, which is then inserted, vertically into the clay oven. Alternately, you can cook various types of breads: Naan, Peshwari naan, Garlic naan, Keema naan, Roti bread and flat breads.  This is achieved by simply slapping the desired bread directly onto the inside of the tandoori clay oven baking the bread. This unique method of cooking will ensure you achieve an authentic, restaurant quality dining experience. The TandooriQ is also a very versatile oven that is capable of cooking a variety of things, be as adventurous as you like!

The food is cooked very quickly as it is surrounded by the radiant heat from the clay. The skewers transfer the heat from the charcoal to the centre of the meat. There is no need to keep turning the skewers as the food is cooked from outside and inside.  This method of cooking instantly seals all the flavours and juices into the food, which ensures it remains moist and succulent which gives it that unmistakable authentic tandoori texture and taste.

Why Buy TandooriQ?

  • The TandooriQ is the original portable outdoor BBQ Tandoori clay oven to be introduced to the UK market. Since then many manufactures have tried and failed to meet the quality of our product.
  • Our Artisan clay molders have been making tandoori ovens using authentic techniques that have been handed down for generations. The clay is reinforced with natural materials and is made in thick layers to prevent cracking so to achieve a much stronger cylindrical shaped tandoor. Our pots are thicker therefore stronger than or competitors.
  • The clay used to mold our Tandoor Ovens is specific to the Delhi region, hygienic and free from contaminants.  It is combined with natural products such as coconut husk, which are ethically sourced so not to harm the environment.
  • The Tandoori clay oven is incased in a robust protective high-grade stainless steel casing.  Which not only protects your TandooriQ from the elements – should it be used for camping, on the beach, at a party, in a festival or simply in your garden, the stainless steel casing also provides a very aesthetically pleasing modern look to the eye.
  • All of the above contribute to the authentic TandooriQ culinary experience. Beware of inferior imitations that use lesser grades of stainless steel and modern techniques that will not achieve the same results as a TandooriQ.