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TandooriQ heat reflector

Designed to retain the heat inside the Domestic ovens


Only compatible with TandooriQ DH & TandooriQube

Heat deflector designed to keep the heat inside the oven. The TandooriQ oven heat deflector is the perfect solution for preventing the heat escaping whilst you are cooking.

By using the heat deflector your food will cook faster, so it is recommended to check the food after 5 minutes.

The heat deflector is designed in such a way that it still lets in air from the top and keeps the heat in, preventing the oven from cooling down too quickly.

The heat deflector is also a useful tool if you cooking for a large amont of people. If you wish to reload the skewers several times it helps maintain the heat in the oven whilst not having to add more coals.

One of the secrets to successful tandoori cooking is to get your oven to a high temperature and keep it there.

The heat deflector is made out of aluminium - designed only to fit the TandooriQ DH & TandooriQube.

TandooriQ Heat Deflector £25.00 BUY